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We are a young company established in 2013, Co-Founded by Indira Escobar, Eduardo Eisenmann, Luz Martinez and united with the desire to attend all their clients needs and who sum up over 35 years of experience in the real estate market, One Group Realtors S.A. is born.

Whether our clients are looking to buy the property of their dreams as well as rental’s or sell at the best price possible we will advise you on your investment by ensuring that you achieve a reasonable profit based on their original investment.

Dedicated to providing the best services, products and opportunities to our customers One Group Realtors S.A. makes new business partnerships across the country with renowned companies such as: Coronado es Vida, Empresas Bern, Ibiza, Verde Azul, The Group, Habitat, RG Hotel, Herlas Development among others.

Beyond real estate experts, we are your advisors, guides and friends. As such, we will support you all the way to ensure that they feel very well attended, our motto has always been,

“Our relationship with the customer begins the day you sign your contract”.

Words like loyalty, commitment, ethics, innovation and dedication to excellence are the foundations on which this young company is constituted.

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One Group Realtors
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